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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Infinite Vocabulary

Have you ever learned the meaning of a word or phrase and then it was used by someone later that day or the next. This happens to me all the time although I can't think of a specific instance at the moment. Why am I all the sudden so aware of the word?

It makes me wonder before I knew the meaning of a word my mind completely blocks it out or skips over it when I hear or read it. Or is it because is is fresh in my mind that I am so much more aware when the word is used.

Which ever is the case, I am always amazed when this happens because it makes me wonder about all the other words out there I don't know yet. I am also equally amazed when its seems like everyone but me knows the definition of a word. I guess I didn't pay attention to Word Within a Word quizzes as much as I should have.

Here is Noah Webster himself. Can you imagine being his friend or collegue and trying to carry on a conversation with someone that possesses such an extensive vocabulary?

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