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Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday's Fun Factoids

So every Friday I'm going to give you 11 factoids about myself. Factoids are usually brief and trivial and that's what these will be. There are also known to be somewhat untrue. I promise you that at the time of post these are true. However, as the author I reserve the right to change the factoid. So if you are reading this a year from now, things could have possibly changed. Here go the first 11 facts.

1.) My middle name is Jayne.
2.) I share this name with my mom, my aunt and my cousin.
3.) One day my little girl will share it also.
4.) My birthday is Novemeber 2nd.
5.) The same as Marie Antoinette, Daniel Boone, Warren G. Harding, & James K. Polk.
6.) It's also the Day of the Dead. I know you're jealous.
7.) I lived in Columbia, SC until I was 11.
8.) 11 is my favorite number... hence, 11 facts.
9.) I like being very organized.
10.) My closet is arranged by item of clothing.
11.) And then by color.

So those aren't that fun but I need to work on this some.

And here's a random picture!

Of Syd!

She says have a great weekend!


Pleasant Drive said...

I love that you talk for your dog! That's precious. And, I must admit that my closet is also arranged by item and then by color. Are we a bit OCD, or what?

Mommy said...

My closet is arranged by where there is space on the floor. Hi, Syd.

Swirl Girl said...

My middle name is Jaye (no n) with no significance to it at all.

BTW- the quote is from the Who's Quadrophenia....

thanks for stopping by my site!

Amy said...

Nice idea for a post. My favorite number is 4, so I might have to give this a try.
My 13 year old son would be very jealous that your birthday is on the Day of the Dead...He's weird that way. (I think it comes from my husband's side.) ;)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, and for your sweet comments.

I'm a Southern girl too.
Tennessee to Mississippi.

I hope ya'll have a lovely weekend.;)

God Bless,

Meg said...

You listed some good movies on my blog! I haven't seen two of them, though! Oh no!

&&&I might steal your factoid post and do one of my own soon.

Megan said...

I agree with Meg, I might steal this idea for my blog sometime! && I think your dog is totally cute!

noble pig said...

Very cute pup! Love the kercheif.

Swishy said...

Oh, I like the spelling of Jayne!