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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Spring Cleaning... for my computer

So for the last six months or so my laptop has been having a lot of problems... running really slowly, overheating, shutting itself off. I haven't even used it in the last three or so months because it wasn't worth the pain to be on the computer. I figured I had some really bad virus or something.

So Thursday, Mommy Dearest and I took my laptop up to Best Buy and I explained to them the problems I've been having. I've been very stressed about my computer for the last few months, thinking there's no way I can afford to buy a new one right now. So the nice man from the Geek Squad was like it sounds like you might have a problem with your fan. He was like it takes a while to replace a fan but that he could do it.

He went in the back and came back out with a can of compressed air. He proceeded to spray it in the side of my laptop. Well, I think enough dust came out that could cover every surface in my room if I didn't dust for a whole year. He was like "wow, that's you're problem!" He took my computer in the back and reversed the flow on a vacuum and stucked out a lot more dust bunnies.

So, I have my computer back now... running fine. I got a can of air so I can "dust" my computer out every month. I'm very happy that I don't have to get another computer(although I would like a Mac) and the Geeks told me that I have an "awesome" computer. Hopefully, my "awesome" computer will behave much better in the future now that it's clean.


Mommy said...

Your computer might have "awesome" insides, but it looks like a dinosaur on the outside. It's a face only a geek could love. LOL

Swishy said...

OK, I seriously need to try that. Except I want to buy a Mac right now too :)

Ricardo Bueno said...

[Note: not sure how I came across your site, hope ya don't mind.]

Glad you managed to save your computer. My old PC unfortunately didn't make it (rest her soul). Lol. I eventually did make my way to a mac and dang I felt like: "where have you been all my life!"

Anyway, the campus student store (I'm still an undergrad) always has some great Christmas deals. Might give that a look if they sell any at your university.