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Monday, July 28, 2008

Thumbs Down

So last week I stumbled across Meg's Blog where she was talking about her dislike of tomatoes. It reminded me... I did 101 of my favorite things not long ago and I said I would make a list of things I didn't like. This list is considerably shorter!

1.) TOMATOES (yuck)
2.) Clowns (I freak out around clowns)
3.) Lightning
4.) Mosquitoes (if I get bit, it swells up A LOT)
5.) Any other type of bug (except lady bugs and granddaddy long legs, i can deal with those)
6.) Poor grammar
7.) Cheap air fresheners
8.) Fake plants
9.) Being cold (unless I'm sleeping)
10.) I can't find one of my pearl earrings :(
11.) My apartment doesn't get ABC Family or Disney Channel, among a lot of other channels we don't get there
12.) Elevators (I got stuck in one when I was little)
13.) Crooked pictures
14.) Raw mushrooms (I can eat them if they are chopped up little and are cooked)
15.) Forgetting my sunglasses.
16.) When it takes professors weeks to grade a test! (Seriously, I don't understand the ones that take forever... if some of my professors can post grades in less than 12 hours then everyone can do it in a couple of days).
17.) Having a craving but not know what you are craving.
18.) Driving in the rain.
19.) Bad music.
20.) When I need cash and don't have it... which is always!!

There we go a short little list of some things that get me agitated. I'm glad that it was relatively easy for me to come up with 101 things I loved but a good while to come up with only 20 things I don't like. I'm glad I'm not a really picky person or I would be constantly agitated.


Pleasant Drive said...

I, too, used to hate it when professors/teachers couldn't seem to get their acts together and get the grades back. UGH!

Meg said...

I love the list!

I hate being cold, too. I'm not looking forward to winter.

noble pig said...

Tomatoes? Oh no...geez I love them so much!

Good list though.

Mommy said...

You really should learn to love tomatoes; we are getting ready to have a buttload ripen in the garden1!