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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Other VIPs

Ok, so now the left over people i.e. the boys, some other fam, and my dog.

First are Stick Lady’s boys, for whom I’ve thought of names.

The oldest is The Normal One. He recently gave himself this nickname at my house because I told him he was normal because he ate pickles, my brothers do not. He’s three weeks younger than Max and a little bit taller. He reminds me a little bit of Bruddy when he was little in his personality. He has recently spent almost the last two weeks at our house and it's hard to believe he's grown up so much... I still remember putting Max and The Normal One in walkers and yelling at them to race each other with passies in their mouthes.

Next is Lil' Red. I'm going to call him this because he's a little redneck but an adorable one. He also had strawberry blonde hair when he was born. Lil' Red is just finishing 1st grade. He likes to come to my house and bang on the piano so Mommy Dearest makes me lock it before he comes. Lil' Red gets a lot of grief from the big boys but he's going up fast himself. Lil' Red was born the night we were supposed to have a "surprise party" for Mommy Dearest's birthday. She left to go to the hospital a few hours away and I still didn't tell her she was having a "party" and so she came back at like 10 o'clock that night. I was not happy that Lil' Red decided to be born that night.

The Normal One and Lil' Red's daddio is Jug Head. He's a regular redneck like his son. He lives in Podunkville with most of Mommy Dearest's family.

Then comes Deer. He’s Hunnybee’s BF and one of my best friends from HS also. Deer goes to Francis Marion also and he pitches for their baseball team. Deer is fun to goof off with and have inside jokes. He’s a sweetheart and very loyal.

Then the other people always at my apartment are the BFs…D, Hunner and Dustbunny.

D is Prissy’s BF. He’s from S-town like Kiki and goes to Anderson University. He plays baseball, center, for the Trojans. He’s a pretty smart kid and funny too. He’s good taste in music and he can sing if you can catch him. D and Hunner can eat more ketchup than anyone else I know.

Then comes Hunner. He is Kiki’s BF and D’s BFF. Hunner is also from S-town. Hunner likes to hunt and fish and do other manly things. He can scare you to death while he’s driving but he’s a least better than Henceforth. Hunner is two days older than me and is just as country as Kiki.

Peach’s BF is Dustbunny. He’s a drummer in the band and tells me what kind of new music I should listen to. Dustbunny is from Sl-Easley, so he’s a former Greenwave like myself.

Then there is Bri. He’s one of my only friends from HS that goes to the same college as me. Bri and I share very sarcastic sense of humors. He knows a lot about sports and is very smart. Bri is one of the few boys I know that can dress himself well.

Then there is Cory. I met him through Bri freshman year. Cory is from Sparkle City. He’s also very smart like Bri. Cory knows how to throw a good tailgate and seems to be friends with everyone. Cory and Bri are going to move into the apartments next to mine this fall so I’m very excited that they will be closer.

Then I have my Ohio friends. They were Lucky Lime's neighbors this last year and they always had something going on every weekend. These boys are hilarious and think Sperry's are for old people. They are moving away next year also and I will miss not being able to walk to their apartment.

Last is Syd. Syd is our doggy. She's the most energetic Aussie ever!! She's 7 1/2 and loves to keeps the squirrels out of Mommy Dearest's garden and bark at all of our neighbors to let us know that they've come home. She's very intelligent, probably smarter than me. She knows a lot of tricks and will gladly do them for you so long as there is something edible in return. She likes toys that squeek and to herd little kids like sheep into a group. Here's a picture of the pretty puppy.

This picture is me, Lucky Lime, Prissy and Pony Girl before going to Club Kryptonite over SB this year.

Here's a pic of me, Deer and Hunnybee on New Year's Eve this past year

And here's the roomies going out before we left for Christmas break... this was such a fun night!!

This is me and Miss Moon

This is D and Hunner when it snowed back in Jan. and I had the flu :(

I'll post more pics later of the other VIPs.

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