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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Music to my ears... or not!

Sometimes I get really mad at the DJs on the radio stations. Several reasons are:

1.) All they do is talk in the morning when I want to hear music, not about Britney's new boyfriend.

2.) Commercials are playing on every single station.

3.) Two stations are playing the same song, happened last night. I know they don't plan it but it irks me...

and, the reason I'm mad right now,

4.) They play the same songs over and over and over and over...

I don't understand why if there are 100 top hits out right now they play the same 4 or 5 songs every hour! I don't know who out there is requesting to hear the song again after they just heard it 45 minutes ago but they need to go buy the song on iTunes if they want to hear it that often.

I'm really sorry if you are one of the people that likes these songs right now, but I turn the station everytime I hear one of these songs.

1.) Pocket Full of Sunshine (I would rather eat tomatoes than listen to this song)

2.) No Air ( I used to like this song, before they played it so much I now know the words the back-ups sing.)

3.) Take a Bow (boring, this is a bad one Rihanna, sorry girl.)

4.) I'm Leaving ( sorry Jesse but you stole part of the tune from Leaving on a Jet Plane)

5.) Damaged (again, I liked this song well enought before it was overplayed)

There are a few songs out there that I get very excited when I hear it on the radio. Those are:

1.) All Around Me by Flyleaf

2.) All Summer Long by Kid Rock

3.) Summertime by NKOTB (yay, for a comeback)

4.) 4 Minutes by JT and Madonna

5.) Whoa! by Forever the Sickest Kids

For the most part, I'm realitively happy with country music right now and oldies are always good for me.
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Mommy said...

Great list of fave music. Some of mine are on there too. However, the fact that you wrote that "Fancy" reminded you of your mom might lead people to believe I was once a hooker instead of just kickin' a** when I sing it!

Love ya, dear

CCS said...

Hey mommy, are you scared that your little girl is letting the cat out of the bag, be careful now that she's on her own, you know how those secrets can get out if you don't send money when needed! LOL