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Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness, Where the Tigers play"

Mommy Dearest, Henceforth and I went up to Tigertown on Sunday for orientation. We stayed at my apartment and visited with Kiki a little bit. Monday we started the unpleasant orientation process which included standing in long lines, walking around in the heat, parking far away, sitting through boring presentations. Monday night we went to G-Vegas to eat with Fiddly and Matt since it’s halfway between Tigertown and Sparkle City . We had a very nice visit even though the waitress wasn’t too pleased that we stayed at the table over two hours.

Tuesday morning we got up early again to do more unnecessary stuff. Then Henceforth went off to register for her classes and Mommy Dearest and I went to shop around downtown. We went to visit Pony Girl at her new apartment while we waited on the computer people to install software on Henceforth’s laptop. Henceforth is all signed up for classes now and has possibly even found a roommate so I guess it was a successful, if not long, orientation. Tuesday night we went to the Wright’s house (our long time friends in Sl-Easley) for dinner. We were on the road by 10pm and got home around 1:30am !!

This is a picture of Tillman Hall that I took freshman year from my dorm. It's blurry but I still think it's pretty.


Mommy said...

You should have written about the excess of drama....

anyway...send me that photo via email, why don't ya....

Mr. Dave said...

Wow! How exciting! Mariel will be joining you at CU. BTW, was that an intentional misspelling of "Architecture"? :-)

Hope you are doing well.