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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've been waiting now for more than a year for a certain letter. Only now that the time is getting closer to actually getting this letter have I realized how much I have stressed about it with out even knowing. Everyday Prissy and I check the mail, but I'm sure the Nursing Department is absolutely loving keeping everyone a nervous wreck. I obsess over counting the days till March 3rd arrives, only twelve more days so you don't have to count :)

Thankfully, I've recently had peace about whatever happens as far as school goes. I was praying everyday to get in to the Nursing School and now I'm just praying that I happily accept whatever the letter I'm awaiting might say.

Hopefully I will get my letter soon either way so I can make plans for this summer and especially this fall. I think the uncertainity is a huge part of my stress. Not knowing whether I can renew my rent or whether I'm going to have to move is driving me crazy.

I have until now considered myself an fairly patient person but I'm definitely learning that being patient doesn't mean for just a few hours. Sometimes it means you have to wait a year or more. So the closer it gets to the 3rd the more of a freak out I'm going to have but I just have to keep telling myself it's almost over!!!