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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've been waiting now for more than a year for a certain letter. Only now that the time is getting closer to actually getting this letter have I realized how much I have stressed about it with out even knowing. Everyday Prissy and I check the mail, but I'm sure the Nursing Department is absolutely loving keeping everyone a nervous wreck. I obsess over counting the days till March 3rd arrives, only twelve more days so you don't have to count :)

Thankfully, I've recently had peace about whatever happens as far as school goes. I was praying everyday to get in to the Nursing School and now I'm just praying that I happily accept whatever the letter I'm awaiting might say.

Hopefully I will get my letter soon either way so I can make plans for this summer and especially this fall. I think the uncertainity is a huge part of my stress. Not knowing whether I can renew my rent or whether I'm going to have to move is driving me crazy.

I have until now considered myself an fairly patient person but I'm definitely learning that being patient doesn't mean for just a few hours. Sometimes it means you have to wait a year or more. So the closer it gets to the 3rd the more of a freak out I'm going to have but I just have to keep telling myself it's almost over!!!


Mommy said...

I'm so glad you've decide to update your blog! I love the tenor of this post; you sound like a sensible young woman. "My baby girl is a grown-up!" (boo-hoo) I've been praying for you too re: nursing school that you would get in, but mostly that you would be content in God's will regarding this huge milestone. We shall see and I'll be "waiting" and counting with you!

Love you muchly,

Fiddly said...

Well, personally, I think you'll be fabulous at whatever you end up doing! :) Why wouldn't you be? You're my cousin, right? haha :) I'm glad to hear that you can actually enjoy the college experience. Enjoy it, becaues you start missing it quickly when it's gone. Even if you are waiting to get a letter...I waited and waited for my PLT scores to keep my teaching certificate and...{{{drum role, please}}}...I PASSED! Finally, after time #2. :) I got a 180 and only needed a 165. Glad to have that behind me. On the home front, we're just trying to stay healthy with all the sickly kids that float around school. Our dog is also driving Matt crazy. I think it's funny, and proves that we should've waited until the summer to get one. Imagine that...I was right. {wink} :) Check out pics of her on my website. Click "Slide Shows" and scroll down, then click the little film strip.
Miss you!!

Deborah Dingler said...

Mere, I am thrilled that you got into the nursing program. You are going to love it. I know it's a big relief to finally have an answer.