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Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness, Where the Tigers play"

Mommy Dearest, Henceforth and I went up to Tigertown on Sunday for orientation. We stayed at my apartment and visited with Kiki a little bit. Monday we started the unpleasant orientation process which included standing in long lines, walking around in the heat, parking far away, sitting through boring presentations. Monday night we went to G-Vegas to eat with Fiddly and Matt since it’s halfway between Tigertown and Sparkle City . We had a very nice visit even though the waitress wasn’t too pleased that we stayed at the table over two hours.

Tuesday morning we got up early again to do more unnecessary stuff. Then Henceforth went off to register for her classes and Mommy Dearest and I went to shop around downtown. We went to visit Pony Girl at her new apartment while we waited on the computer people to install software on Henceforth’s laptop. Henceforth is all signed up for classes now and has possibly even found a roommate so I guess it was a successful, if not long, orientation. Tuesday night we went to the Wright’s house (our long time friends in Sl-Easley) for dinner. We were on the road by 10pm and got home around 1:30am !!

This is a picture of Tillman Hall that I took freshman year from my dorm. It's blurry but I still think it's pretty.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Other VIPs

Ok, so now the left over people i.e. the boys, some other fam, and my dog.

First are Stick Lady’s boys, for whom I’ve thought of names.

The oldest is The Normal One. He recently gave himself this nickname at my house because I told him he was normal because he ate pickles, my brothers do not. He’s three weeks younger than Max and a little bit taller. He reminds me a little bit of Bruddy when he was little in his personality. He has recently spent almost the last two weeks at our house and it's hard to believe he's grown up so much... I still remember putting Max and The Normal One in walkers and yelling at them to race each other with passies in their mouthes.

Next is Lil' Red. I'm going to call him this because he's a little redneck but an adorable one. He also had strawberry blonde hair when he was born. Lil' Red is just finishing 1st grade. He likes to come to my house and bang on the piano so Mommy Dearest makes me lock it before he comes. Lil' Red gets a lot of grief from the big boys but he's going up fast himself. Lil' Red was born the night we were supposed to have a "surprise party" for Mommy Dearest's birthday. She left to go to the hospital a few hours away and I still didn't tell her she was having a "party" and so she came back at like 10 o'clock that night. I was not happy that Lil' Red decided to be born that night.

The Normal One and Lil' Red's daddio is Jug Head. He's a regular redneck like his son. He lives in Podunkville with most of Mommy Dearest's family.

Then comes Deer. He’s Hunnybee’s BF and one of my best friends from HS also. Deer goes to Francis Marion also and he pitches for their baseball team. Deer is fun to goof off with and have inside jokes. He’s a sweetheart and very loyal.

Then the other people always at my apartment are the BFs…D, Hunner and Dustbunny.

D is Prissy’s BF. He’s from S-town like Kiki and goes to Anderson University. He plays baseball, center, for the Trojans. He’s a pretty smart kid and funny too. He’s good taste in music and he can sing if you can catch him. D and Hunner can eat more ketchup than anyone else I know.

Then comes Hunner. He is Kiki’s BF and D’s BFF. Hunner is also from S-town. Hunner likes to hunt and fish and do other manly things. He can scare you to death while he’s driving but he’s a least better than Henceforth. Hunner is two days older than me and is just as country as Kiki.

Peach’s BF is Dustbunny. He’s a drummer in the band and tells me what kind of new music I should listen to. Dustbunny is from Sl-Easley, so he’s a former Greenwave like myself.

Then there is Bri. He’s one of my only friends from HS that goes to the same college as me. Bri and I share very sarcastic sense of humors. He knows a lot about sports and is very smart. Bri is one of the few boys I know that can dress himself well.

Then there is Cory. I met him through Bri freshman year. Cory is from Sparkle City. He’s also very smart like Bri. Cory knows how to throw a good tailgate and seems to be friends with everyone. Cory and Bri are going to move into the apartments next to mine this fall so I’m very excited that they will be closer.

Then I have my Ohio friends. They were Lucky Lime's neighbors this last year and they always had something going on every weekend. These boys are hilarious and think Sperry's are for old people. They are moving away next year also and I will miss not being able to walk to their apartment.

Last is Syd. Syd is our doggy. She's the most energetic Aussie ever!! She's 7 1/2 and loves to keeps the squirrels out of Mommy Dearest's garden and bark at all of our neighbors to let us know that they've come home. She's very intelligent, probably smarter than me. She knows a lot of tricks and will gladly do them for you so long as there is something edible in return. She likes toys that squeek and to herd little kids like sheep into a group. Here's a picture of the pretty puppy.

This picture is me, Lucky Lime, Prissy and Pony Girl before going to Club Kryptonite over SB this year.

Here's a pic of me, Deer and Hunnybee on New Year's Eve this past year

And here's the roomies going out before we left for Christmas break... this was such a fun night!!

This is me and Miss Moon

This is D and Hunner when it snowed back in Jan. and I had the flu :(

I'll post more pics later of the other VIPs.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Girls

So yesterday you met most of my large family… today I’m going to tackle the other important people in my life.

First, is Hunnybee. She's from Flowertown like me and has my best friend since 12th grade. She goes to Francis Marion University. She’s your favorite southern girl. She is very understanding and knows when to have fun and when to be serious. She is very creative. She’s always doing a whole bunch of projects and they always come out very unique. Hunnybee is hot-headed and sassy, but that makes her who she is.

Al is from Flowertown also and goes to WU. Al knows all the good gossip and can dance like no other. We drive the same car and have very similar tastes in clothes. Al is out-going and fun but don't get on her bad side! I miss not seeing her everyday since we've gone to different schools. But I get to see her car drive by a lot because her BF lives around the corner.

Then I went to college and met some pretty ladies I call my roommates… Prissy, Kiki and Peach.

Prissy is my soulmate as far as girls go. She and I are very close to the same person. Prissy is from Flo and has introduced me to some other pretty cool people from there. She likes to dress up and go out and she also loves the beach and cars. Prissy knows more about cars than any other girl I know. Her driving scares me sometimes but so far I haven’t die in the many hours I have spent in Wendy, Prissy’s car.

Kiki is next. She’s from S-town. Kiki lived with Peach two doors over from me freshman year and I spent most of my time in her room since my roommate didn’t really exist. Kiki is a country girl to a T. She grew up on a dairy farm and likes to wear cowboy boots. When I introduce people to Kiki most of them ask me if her accent is real, to which I reply yes… we even have a Facebook group dedicated to it.

Peach is a Georgia Peach. She’s from Warner Robins, GA and she’s a super cool twirler. I like to watch her practice in the parking lot outside our townhouse. Peach shares the 3rd floor of our townhouse with me. We like to watch the same TV shows in our own rooms and then yell across the hall “Did you see that?” It takes Peach forever to tell a story but that ok because she has some pretty interesting stuff happen in her life.

Then we have Lucky Lime. LL is my partner in crime. We have been known to stay up all night on several occasions and we always manage to find the most interesting situations. LL can make friends with anyone and everyone loves her. She spends half of her life in her white fluffy bathroom and has long curly blonde hair. LL is from Flo also and was Prissy’s roommate last year. LL lived two buildings away last year but is moving down the road which I’m a little upset about.

Then we have Pony Girl, LL’s roomie. Pony Girl is from around Myrtle Beach and therefore has a crazy side to her. She loves animals and frequently brings home random ones. Pony Girl gets stressed out easy like me and we can wear the same size shoe sometimes. She’s a hot-head but she is very loving.

Among the many friends I’ve made from Flo, there is also sweet Miss Moon. She’s a lovely girl who is very sure of herself and is very intelligent. She joined the Nursing Program with me this spring also so I look forward to having classes with her for the next two and a half years. Miss Moon keeps me updated on the celebrities but mostly we talk about the more important things in life like God, our relationships and our future. Miss Moon and I are planning a Mediterranean Cruise after we graduate which I’m very excited about.

Then there’s Sambo. She’s my closest friend at CU that I went to HS with. Obviously, Sambo is from Flowertown like me. She’s probably got the most energy of anyone I know. She's crazy-fun, loves to dance and sing. Sambo was one of the first people I met when I moved to Flowertown which makes her special!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mi Familia

I've been reading some people's blogs and noticed that everyone has nicknames for the people in their lives... usually cute ones. So I'm going to introduce you to some of the people in my life.

First comes, Mommy Dearest... she's my mom, duh. Mother of four, 2 girls & 2 boys (I'm the oldest). She likes to do crafty, artsy things like paint and sew. I didn't recieve any of that talent. We both like to cook and sing though.

Then comes, Pater Familias. He's Daddy. He's an financial consultant. He likes golf, soccer and jazz music. Genes I got from my dad are: my passiveness and love of the beach and ocean. Pater Familias is very tall, 6' 3'' (a trait my 5' 1'' self did not inheirit).

Now on to Henceforth. She is mi hermana and my polar opposite. She got Mommy Dearest's artsy talent and attitute. A lot of people think we look a lot alike, I do not. She got Pater Familias's hazel eyes. She is exactly 20 months younger than me and several inches taller. She's recently graduated HS and is going to CU this fall majoring in Architorture.

Bruddy is next. He's the oldest boy and 4 1/2 years younger than me. He's one of those people that can pick up any sport and instantly be good at it. We both have brown eyes and curly hair, although his is blonder. Bruddy is my companion. We sit on the same side of the table, we go running together sometimes, and we have similar personalities. Bruddy is going to be a tree like Pater Familias.

Last in the immediate family is Max. Yes, I know. That's his real name. But if you have the pleasure of knowing the baby of our family. You would know that there is no single name you could call this child other than his own. He gets called Son or Maxie. He's the most imaginative, brilliant almost-12-year-old I have ever met. He is the only person in my family I am still taller than(by 1 inch). He also recieved Mommy Dearest's artsy skills, however, sadly, he recieved Pater Familias singing, or lack of, skills. Like big Bruddy, Max likes to work-out and play videogames. He also likes to read and this is where he gets very extensive vocabulary. Max uses big words that sometimes I don't even know what they mean.

Ok, on to the rest of the fam.

Lovely is Mommy Dearest only sister. She is married to Al. they live in Podunkville where Mommy Dearest grew up. Lovely is my favorite aunt and everyone always goes to her house for family get-togethers. She now has a pool, a cat named Wonder Woman and used to have this big red paddle that scared me when I was little even though I never got it.

Lovely has two daughters... Stick Lady and Fiddly.

Stick Lady lives in Podunkville also. She has two boys. She's a teacher's aide and is my fellow short person in the family. She likes Bon Jovi and her best friend is Peege. She has an adorable little Daschund, Molly. She comes to visit Flowertown (my hometown) often to bring her boys and hang out with us cool people.

I don't have names for her boys yet but I will think of some later.

Fiddly is the youngest of Lovely's daughters. She is married to Matt and lives near Sparkle City, close to Matt's fam. She teaches elementary school and, if I was in 4th or 5th grade, I would want "Mrs. Waffle" as my teacher. Prissy(more on her later) and I visited her classroom last fall and it was a lot of fun. Fiddly is the mommy to two of the craziest animals, Carolina( kitty) and Cocky (puppy). Both Fiddly and Matt went to USC and are BIG Gamecock fans. BOOO ;) Fiddly was my idol when I was little... if she had dyed her hair green(which she would never do BTW) I would have definitely wanted to do it also.

Then there's Mima, Mommy Dearest's madre. Mima is from England and has recently discovered computers and the Internet. She used to make really good breakfast when I was little and had this mini-electric organ that I played Mary Had A Little Lamb on non-stop( it was the only song I could play at the time). Mima also lives in Podunkville. She used to work at the jewelry counter at Belks so I have some jewelry from her and I loved the cosmetics samples that she got from her friends at the Clinque counter.

Then we have Bo. He's Mommy Dearest little brother. Bo introduced me to a new obsession I have with fried pickles. He lives with Connie near Da Beach in NC. He likes to be on a boat and, like me, always has sunglasses around his neck. He's still a cutie and my fellow Clemson fan.

Uncle D. is next. He is Mommy Dearest big brother. He lives near Boston. He recently came down for a visit when Henceforth graduated and sent me a very nice e-mail this morning. He's a funny, Italian yankee. He's got a ponytail now and has a million interesting stories. He is also a Red Sox fan like me.

Then we have Pup-pup. He is Pater Familas's pater. He's old. He's 70 years older than me so he'll be 91 this fall. Pup played golf every day when I was younger and used to let me drive his golf cart around. Pup calls Coke pop which I never understood as a kid. He was the president of the Rotary Club in Nowheretown, where Pater Familias grew up. Pup turned me on to some classic shows that I still like such as Jeopardy, Price is Right, and Sportscenter.

Pup was married to Grandma and even though she's passed away about 4 years ago, she's very special so she gets mentioned also. Grandma was your typical grandmother but she was very special. I spent a lot of time at "Grandma's House". Sandwiches remind me of her because lunchtime at Grandma's was always a whole spread of sandwich stuff. She also took her grands to the Watermelon Festival every year which is the local festival in Nowheretown. She had a ton of cool jewelry and purses. I wish that everyone could have a grandmother like her because she was special.

Ok, Pup and Grandma had two boys, Pater Familias and Judge. Judge lives near the capital of SC. He's a judge there and has 3 children. Judge is PF's older brother and enjoys the outdoors. Every year he goes with Pater Familias, Bruddy and Max hiking in the mountains for the weekend.

Judge's kids aren't kids anymore. They are Grizzly, TBP, and Cat.

Grizzly lives in NC. He's really big into the outdoors like his padre. He's hiked many trails including the Appalachian Trail and some other big ones I don't remember. Grizzly is a tree also like all of the men in their family.

TBP, which stand for the bass player, is next. He is the cool rocker cousin. He lives near the capital also.

Cat is the youngest and my only female cousin on my dad's side. She lives in our capital and is a lover of animals. We used to play with Littlest Pet Shop when we were little. Between her, Henceforth and me, we made some pretty cool animal towns. Cat also came to the Watermelon Festival with us during the summer. She is also tall.

And that's most of my family. I'll post another one soon and introduce to you to Hunnybee, my roommates and my other friends.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Music to my ears... or not!

Sometimes I get really mad at the DJs on the radio stations. Several reasons are:

1.) All they do is talk in the morning when I want to hear music, not about Britney's new boyfriend.

2.) Commercials are playing on every single station.

3.) Two stations are playing the same song, happened last night. I know they don't plan it but it irks me...

and, the reason I'm mad right now,

4.) They play the same songs over and over and over and over...

I don't understand why if there are 100 top hits out right now they play the same 4 or 5 songs every hour! I don't know who out there is requesting to hear the song again after they just heard it 45 minutes ago but they need to go buy the song on iTunes if they want to hear it that often.

I'm really sorry if you are one of the people that likes these songs right now, but I turn the station everytime I hear one of these songs.

1.) Pocket Full of Sunshine (I would rather eat tomatoes than listen to this song)

2.) No Air ( I used to like this song, before they played it so much I now know the words the back-ups sing.)

3.) Take a Bow (boring, this is a bad one Rihanna, sorry girl.)

4.) I'm Leaving ( sorry Jesse but you stole part of the tune from Leaving on a Jet Plane)

5.) Damaged (again, I liked this song well enought before it was overplayed)

There are a few songs out there that I get very excited when I hear it on the radio. Those are:

1.) All Around Me by Flyleaf

2.) All Summer Long by Kid Rock

3.) Summertime by NKOTB (yay, for a comeback)

4.) 4 Minutes by JT and Madonna

5.) Whoa! by Forever the Sickest Kids

For the most part, I'm realitively happy with country music right now and oldies are always good for me.
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