These are my random thoughts. I like to pretend to be very intellectual. Sometimes my posts are deep and sometimes they are about the weather, but they are always worth reading ;)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday's Fun Factoids

Whoo hoo... it's Friday again!! Time for some factoids that I love to share with y'all. I try to think of them through out the week so that they are good ones. Here we go!

1.) Tomorrow is our first football game and I'm so excited! ATL here we come!! Go Tigers beat Bama!!
2.) I now own an umbrella. Many of you told me to go get one so I did. It's very cool. You press a button and it goes up, then you press the button again and it goes back down. Very fancy-smancy!! It's black and white houndstooth to match the rainboots I already have.
3.) I can't stand Billie Mays voice. I have to mute commercials he is in because they really do hurt my ears!
4.) I think it's funny how as Clemson students we hate USC and yet everyone was watching the Carolina game last night! We just want to watch them get pummeled.
5.) Go Tigers Beat Bama!! Again... it needed to be said twice!
6.) I love child's pose in yoga! It's amazing!
7.) Silver change makes me very happy!
8.) Driving alone in the dark to soulful music can sometimes be the best stress reliever for me.
9.) Everytime I see a low, dark cloud now... I look extra close to make sure it's not a tornado!!
10.) Clemson is now ranked 22nd in public colleges in America... Go Us!
11.) I really wish it would stop raining... this is day 5 in a row of rain! Lake Hartwell is still 14 feet below where it's supposed to be... how is that possible after this monsoon!!

Have a wonderful weekend! Watch the Tigers tomorrow night at 8 o'clock EST on ABC. C-L-E-M-S-O-N!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Storm Chasers - Clemson Chapter

So today was interesting. Started out by pouring all day yet again. There was a wreck on the way to school so I was late, couldn't find any parking and ended up being 15 or so minutes late to my 8 o'clock Nutrition class. It continued to rain all day long. I sat through two more classes... one of which was almost unbearably boring. I ate lunch with my sister and her friend and as our lunch visit ended the monsoon began to pour.

I decided I wasn't going outside till it let up a little bit and decided to go ahead and change for the kickboxing class I was going to after my last afternoon class. As I walk outside I noticed the sky was really dark. I walked to the window and a boy struggled to get the door open through the gusts outside, glanced at me, pointed out the window and said "LOOK!" Right there before my eyes, there was a very large funnel cloud that had formed and was touching down VERY CLOSE!!

Both of us stood there watching it, too much in awe to say anything when someone behind us yelled at us to "Get in!" We turned around and ran into the window-less room behind us! The severe weather sirens were going off and a loud speaker from somewhere was shouting "SEEK SHELTER!"

There we waited for about forty minutes. I called everyone I could in that time. Most everyone had left campus by this time (around 3:00pm) and my sister had just made it back to her dorm basement (although her umbrella did not).

We all emerged and there appeared to be no damage but lots of small twigs and leaves laying around outside. I went to class and people started to share their stories... a missing porch, telephone poles on fire, trees on cars, flooded roads. I left class and a friend gave me a ride to my car that was parked on the outskirts of campus behind the football stadium.

My friend tells me a tree fell on several cars that were parked in front of him and his was the first that was not hit. I get really nervous, trying to remember "Did I park under a tree this morning?" Thankfully, my car is all in one piece and the way I left it. I leave the parking lot, the football team is still evacuated in the volleyball gym and looking out on the mess. And then see where the tornado had touched down. There were a whole bunch of trees laying on the ground and in the road. Trucks were already working on clearing the branches from the road and cleaning up the mess. All of the power downtown Clemson and around the area was out.

I picked up my sister from her dorm basement where she had been made to stay for the last two hours and headed to a friend's apartment. Thankfully, no one I know was affected but it's still shocking that things like that can just happen without any warning. We are still right now at 9 o'clock under a tornado watch and flash flood warning. Keep all of the residents around the area in your prayers tonight and tomorrow while this weather clears out!

Here is a picture of the tornado today though it's not very clear. It's the same one at the beginning of my post. This picture looks to me like it was taken from the floor above the room I was in during the evacuation but definitely in the same building. If you Google "clemson tornado" it brings up a lot of news stories and pictures if you're really that interested.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Nights" of Our Lives

I've now been back at school for a full week. It has yet to take full effect since we have only had 3 days of classes so far. It is always interesting to see how differently college students live from the "real world". We have such different lifestyles of people that have a job and kids and I can't yet imagine having that lifestyle.

Mainly, college students keep weird hours. I have yet to go to bed before 2 a.m. since I've been back and have stayed up till 5 a.m. more than half of last week. Why do I do this? I really don't know. Maybe because half of last week I didn't have to go to class or do homework. Maybe it's just because I can so I do.

I noticed the other night when I was out at around 4 a.m. that there was an amazing amount of traffic for the middle of the night. At home I can get out of a movie shortly after midnight, drive home and only see a handful of cars. But here it's perfectly normal to see regular traffic in the middle of the night.

I'm sure that once school gets in full swing and I have tests and homework and other obligations that I will go to bed at a rather decent hour.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friday's Fun Factoids

First two days of school are over! I had one class Wednesday and four yesterday. And best of all I have no classes today!!! So far all of my courses seem relatively easy and it seems like only one of my teachers will be boring.

Moving in went fairly well. Just a lot of carrying stuff around but over all, Henceforth's move in to the dorm went much more smoothly than mine.

It has been nice to get back into a routine again. I live much better with a schedule.

Monday I stayed up for twenty-eight hours straight in line for tickets to our season opener againt Alabama but it was a lot of fun. The line wrapped more than halfway around the stadium and it was like a giant party all night long.

So I'll fill you in later when I'm not really tired. Here are this Friday's Fun Factoids.

1.) Last week I watched all six seasons of Sex and the City on DVD. It took up the majority of my time during the entire week.
2.) I don't remember anything from FCA last night because I was very worried that the ginormous bugs in the grass I had to sit in were crawling up my pants.
3.) I loved sleeping in my own bed this last week. I had forgotten how much I missed it.
4.) But I have yet to make my bed once this week. I'm usually very good about doing it.
5.) I already have seventeen chapters of reading in various books for homework after only two days of classes.
6.) I need to give my car a bath badly. Black looks dirty so easily.
7.) I wear earrings everyday... they are a necessity to me.
8.) 8 days till Clemson vs. Alabama season opener!!!
9.) My bedroom is pink and brown.
10.) I love shrimp sauce at Japanese restaurants.
11.) The third toe on my left foot is longer than the second one.

And on that random note... Have a nice weekend!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday's Fun Factoids

1.) I love it in movies and tv shows when the guy calls his girlfriend/lover "kid". Like "here's looking at you kid" from Casablanca.
2.) Getting a corner spot in the parking lot. You know so that you only have a car on one side of you.
3.) It is exactly 222 miles from my house to my apartment at school.
4.) I'm going to see Hootie and the Blowfish tonight!!! yay!
5.) I'm going to school tomorrow! yay!
6.) I hate pennies... I have a jar full of them. I never ever use pennies!
7.) I hate wearing socks and watches. Too bad for me that with nursing I have to wear them both everyday!! ;)
8.) I like my steak medium-rare.
9.) My black eye has turned a different color everyday this week... first blue, then red, now it's black... next is green and then yellow (can't wait for that stage, ha).
10.) My fingernails are painted black right now and I love it!
11.) I would do almost anything for a full body massage right now!! Seriously!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! I'll be busy moving myself and my sister into school. Thankfully all I have to do is put my clothes back in my closet. My sister on the other hand has to move EVERYTHING... yay... sike!

Monday's post is sure to be exciting because exciting things happen at school not in Flowertown! Goodbye Ville! Hello Tigertown!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stunna Shades

These are my shades.

They are near and dear to my heart, literally. When they are not on my face they are hanging around my neck.

They go with me everywhere. I would be completely blinded by brightness if I didn't wear them when it is the least bit sunny outside. The slightest bit of glare gives me a headache if I don't have on my sunglasses.

I also think that croakies are the most wonderful invention ever!!! I have never been one to put a pair of sunglasses on my head and them stay there. They fall down and come to rest on the tip of my nose. And I definitely don't like it when people put there sunglasses on the front of their shirt... it stretches out the shirt and makes it look terrible.

Now of course, I put them in there case when I am inside for extended periods of time. That is what my cut case is for in my purse. For when I'm at work, or at dinner, or sleeping.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Manic Monday Memories

Ok, so first order of business... I can't get the computer to read the memory card in my mom's camera. That means I can't put up any interesting pictures to go along with my post. I took a whole bunch of pictures of my car. And now it won't work!

I also got a black eye yesterday playing at the pool and I can't put up any embarrassing pictures of that either. Bri wacked me right under my eye while we were playing "Alligator" with Bruddy and Max. I think it's God's way of telling me that I'm too old to play games at the pool anymore.

Four days left till I go back to school. There are boxes and random things all over our house for Henceforth and I to move back on Saturday. I have a lot to do this week. We are having a girl's night out tonight with a couple of my girlfriends from high school. Tomorrow lunch with another girlfriend. Thursday I'm going to the waterpark with a girlfriend and her niece and nephew and probably Max. Then family dinner that night if Pater Familias is back in time. Friday I'm going to the beach all day and then to a Hootie and the Blowfish concert that night. Whew!

So yesterday was not fun... aside that I got to hang out with Hunnybee. I got a black eye for one.

I woke up at 6am to take my dad to the airport for his flight to New York. We get there to find out that the flight was overbooked (he was supposed to take of Sunday afternoon but it was canceled). Then they decided to cancel the flight all together because the plane is "broken". This is at around 8:45... over an hour and half after the plane was originally supposed to take off. So Mommy Dearest and I leave the auto shop where we had taken the van and the jeep to be fixed. We drive the jeep which they hadn't started to work on yet back to the house to get my car. We took the jeep back to the auto place on the way to the airport. Then we drove around the airport and finally waited in a parking lot for almost 3o mins while the airport people took my dad's and the other passengers' luggage off of the "broken" plane.

My mom decides to rent a car and drive my dad to Myrtle Beach, roughly 2 hours away, to catch a flight from there at 1 o'clock. As we head home we have to pass the auto shop again and see that the van has now been finished (it's almost 10'clock by now) and they decided to just leave straight from there. My poor mom has no make up, no shower, and has to drive all the way to Myrtle Beach.

I head home to get the boys and take them to the pool (where I get my black eye). Hunnybee's little cousin was there. He's a sweet little boy about one and half. He started saying he had to go "tee-tee". So I pick him up and run to the bathroom pulling off the wet bathing suit as we go. Just as we get to the toilet... plop... little baby poop falls right on my foot! Lovely!

I head home and call my mom only to find out that my dad's 1 o'clock flight has not taken off yet (it's now 2:45pm). I then go looking at 2 different grocery stores for some protein shake sick Henceforth wants. Henceforth's boyfriend then takes me to the auto store to get the jeep and I was supposed to go pick up Bruddy from a pool across town. Totally forgot till I got home and went searching for my cell phone (which I had forgotten in a hurry to get to the auto shop) and there was a text that he had sent me. I went back out and got him, came home, made dinner, and proceeded to watch the Sex and the City dvds I'm borrowing till about 10:30pm at which point I'm so tired I can't keep my eyes open.

So that's my wonderful Monday... Tuesday's going much better so far. And there's a new poll on the right side bar!!! Vote on it!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday's Fun Factoids

Here we go... I'll try to actually finish the list this time!

1.) 1 week left before I go back to school
2.) I have exactly 100 contacts in my phone right now
3.) My toes are painted Mediterranean Pink.
4.) I drink around 80 ounces of water everyday.
5.) I haven't cut my hair since St. Patrick's Day this year.
6.) I am completely obsessed with Shaken Iced Tea Lemonades from Starbucks right now.
7.) I'm ready to go contra dancing tonight!!!
8.) I could probably survive on waffle fries from Chick-fil-a.
9.) My sister is exactly 20 months younger than me to the day.
10.) I am more excited about the first football game this year than about Christmas!
11.) I don't own an umbrella.

I don't have pics of my new baby yet b/c it poured rain all day yesteray prohibiting the photo shoot. I promise I'll have some Monday!

Here's a picture from my senior year of hs... we were having our pictures taken by our madre and decided to goof off. This is Henceforth, me, and Max.

Have a fantastic weekend everybody!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I've been really busy the last week or so. I haven't posted much of anything and messed up my friday facts :( sorry. Here's what's been happening in my life.

Thursday, Stick Lady and Bo came down to hang out with me and my mom. Stick Lady and I went to the beachA for a total of 10 minutes before it started raining and we had to leave. Friday, Mommy Dearest took me to Columbia to meet Lucky Lime and from there LL and I went to Tigertown for the weekend for LL's 20th birthday celebration.

I stayed with LL at her and Pony Girl's new apartment. Saturday was a nice day by the pool... completely relaxing. Saturday night we went to Greenville to dinner and to go to Falls Park and then back to the pool for more swimming.

Lucky Lime with her birthday cake!! She's so beautiful!

Me, Lucky Lime and Pony girl.

Chicken fighting... we're young at heart ;)

Sunday, Lucky Lime and I went back to Florence where she lives. Monday we went to visit Prissy and I got a new car from Prissy's padre. Yep, I got a 2007 Mazda 6. It's my first car and I love it so far.

I'll post some more pictures tomorrow so you can get the full effect!

I stayed in Florence till Tuesday and came back to Flowertown Wednesday. Yesterday I spent unpacking and doing stuff around mi casa. Today it's back to work and back to the gym. I haven't worked out in over a week now!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday's Fun Factoids

It's Friday again! Yay... here go once mas factoids.

1.) I get cold really easily.
2.) I know all of the words to Ice, Ice Baby... go ahead and laugh, I am.