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Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday's Fun Factoids

Here we go... I'll try to actually finish the list this time!

1.) 1 week left before I go back to school
2.) I have exactly 100 contacts in my phone right now
3.) My toes are painted Mediterranean Pink.
4.) I drink around 80 ounces of water everyday.
5.) I haven't cut my hair since St. Patrick's Day this year.
6.) I am completely obsessed with Shaken Iced Tea Lemonades from Starbucks right now.
7.) I'm ready to go contra dancing tonight!!!
8.) I could probably survive on waffle fries from Chick-fil-a.
9.) My sister is exactly 20 months younger than me to the day.
10.) I am more excited about the first football game this year than about Christmas!
11.) I don't own an umbrella.

I don't have pics of my new baby yet b/c it poured rain all day yesteray prohibiting the photo shoot. I promise I'll have some Monday!

Here's a picture from my senior year of hs... we were having our pictures taken by our madre and decided to goof off. This is Henceforth, me, and Max.

Have a fantastic weekend everybody!!!


Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

hehe, what a cute picture! :)

Pleasant Drive said...

I have one week before school starts, too. Oh, I do love being a teacher - but only for the time off.

noble pig said...

Cute picture!

Now, shakin' iced tea lemonades? That sounds really good...I must get over there today! Thanks for that.

Meg said...

If you go to and sign up(its free) you then put the code into your profile and you can see all that fun stuff I'm talking about.

The Pink Potpourri said...

what fun factoids!! thanks for sharing! and...go get an umbrella...and some cute matching rain boots! target has the best!

Tash said...

thanks for stopping by. Go to and set up a free account. Add a song...Get the code them copy and paste it in
add a new page element

paste the playlist code for the song/songs you want

Rose&Thorn said...

Loving it! What is contra dancing?

Megan said...

I like the facts! And I definietly could live off of waffle-fries..At least for a while! haha