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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stunna Shades

These are my shades.

They are near and dear to my heart, literally. When they are not on my face they are hanging around my neck.

They go with me everywhere. I would be completely blinded by brightness if I didn't wear them when it is the least bit sunny outside. The slightest bit of glare gives me a headache if I don't have on my sunglasses.

I also think that croakies are the most wonderful invention ever!!! I have never been one to put a pair of sunglasses on my head and them stay there. They fall down and come to rest on the tip of my nose. And I definitely don't like it when people put there sunglasses on the front of their shirt... it stretches out the shirt and makes it look terrible.

Now of course, I put them in there case when I am inside for extended periods of time. That is what my cut case is for in my purse. For when I'm at work, or at dinner, or sleeping.


ALF said...

I didn't wear sunglasses until I went to college. Now I don't know how I survived without them.

Megan said...

Is there a picture!?! It didn't show up on my computer!