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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Girls

So yesterday you met most of my large family… today I’m going to tackle the other important people in my life.

First, is Hunnybee. She's from Flowertown like me and has my best friend since 12th grade. She goes to Francis Marion University. She’s your favorite southern girl. She is very understanding and knows when to have fun and when to be serious. She is very creative. She’s always doing a whole bunch of projects and they always come out very unique. Hunnybee is hot-headed and sassy, but that makes her who she is.

Al is from Flowertown also and goes to WU. Al knows all the good gossip and can dance like no other. We drive the same car and have very similar tastes in clothes. Al is out-going and fun but don't get on her bad side! I miss not seeing her everyday since we've gone to different schools. But I get to see her car drive by a lot because her BF lives around the corner.

Then I went to college and met some pretty ladies I call my roommates… Prissy, Kiki and Peach.

Prissy is my soulmate as far as girls go. She and I are very close to the same person. Prissy is from Flo and has introduced me to some other pretty cool people from there. She likes to dress up and go out and she also loves the beach and cars. Prissy knows more about cars than any other girl I know. Her driving scares me sometimes but so far I haven’t die in the many hours I have spent in Wendy, Prissy’s car.

Kiki is next. She’s from S-town. Kiki lived with Peach two doors over from me freshman year and I spent most of my time in her room since my roommate didn’t really exist. Kiki is a country girl to a T. She grew up on a dairy farm and likes to wear cowboy boots. When I introduce people to Kiki most of them ask me if her accent is real, to which I reply yes… we even have a Facebook group dedicated to it.

Peach is a Georgia Peach. She’s from Warner Robins, GA and she’s a super cool twirler. I like to watch her practice in the parking lot outside our townhouse. Peach shares the 3rd floor of our townhouse with me. We like to watch the same TV shows in our own rooms and then yell across the hall “Did you see that?” It takes Peach forever to tell a story but that ok because she has some pretty interesting stuff happen in her life.

Then we have Lucky Lime. LL is my partner in crime. We have been known to stay up all night on several occasions and we always manage to find the most interesting situations. LL can make friends with anyone and everyone loves her. She spends half of her life in her white fluffy bathroom and has long curly blonde hair. LL is from Flo also and was Prissy’s roommate last year. LL lived two buildings away last year but is moving down the road which I’m a little upset about.

Then we have Pony Girl, LL’s roomie. Pony Girl is from around Myrtle Beach and therefore has a crazy side to her. She loves animals and frequently brings home random ones. Pony Girl gets stressed out easy like me and we can wear the same size shoe sometimes. She’s a hot-head but she is very loving.

Among the many friends I’ve made from Flo, there is also sweet Miss Moon. She’s a lovely girl who is very sure of herself and is very intelligent. She joined the Nursing Program with me this spring also so I look forward to having classes with her for the next two and a half years. Miss Moon keeps me updated on the celebrities but mostly we talk about the more important things in life like God, our relationships and our future. Miss Moon and I are planning a Mediterranean Cruise after we graduate which I’m very excited about.

Then there’s Sambo. She’s my closest friend at CU that I went to HS with. Obviously, Sambo is from Flowertown like me. She’s probably got the most energy of anyone I know. She's crazy-fun, loves to dance and sing. Sambo was one of the first people I met when I moved to Flowertown which makes her special!

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