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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Funny Words

So as you know I had a test/quiz this morning. It was on medical terminology. It was only over two chapters but there was so much information that I made over 150 flashcards. I probably studied yesterday for 5 hours for this big test that my teacher made such a big deal about all last week. I got up early this morning, which I don't like to do on Wednesday because my class is at 10:10 and I get to sleep in a little bit, and I studied some more. I went to school early and studied some more. Got to class, take the "test". It was 15 questions... 10 matching and 5 definitions. I was soooo mad. I spent so much time working my terminology so I could ace it. One of the definitions on the quiz wasn't even in the book... we looked trust me! Oh well... next time I'll know... don't kill yourself over terminology!

But here are some words that I had to learn that you might find amusing... I did:

angiectomy - excision of part of a blood or lymph vessel

glossodynia - pain in the tongue

keratorrhexis - rupture of the cornea

laparorrhapy - suture of the abdominal wall

myringoplasty - surgical reconstruction of the eardrum

salpingocyesis - development of an embryo in the uterine tube

xanthochromia - yellowish discoloration, as of the skin or spinal fluid

and my favorite, anisocytosis - presence in the blood of erythrocytes showing excessive variations in size

If anyone ever remembers every single one of the terms in this book, I want to meet them. I think it's impossible really.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So Tuesdays really don't like me for some reason. Last week I had a terrible Tuesday and so far this one isn't any better.

Our fire alarm went off at 7am this morning while I was in the shower with conditioner in my hair!! They have decided it's a good idea to do road work on the main road from my apartment to campus which thousands of other people take also. Therefore, I didn't get a parking spot in my favorite lot AGAIN! And was late to my 8 o'clock again... this time only 2 minutes though.

I did, however, get an awesome parking spot when I moved my car. I always move my car on Tuesdays and Thursdays after my morning class because that class is on one side of campus and all the rest of them are on the other side. Today I got a spot that is actually pretty much on campus, not in one of the lots that are on the outskirts.

My weekend in Atlanta was pretty fun minus the three painful hours that involved actually watching football. I've never seen our team perform so poorly EVER!! It was embarrassing to say the least!

Other than that we stayed at this amazingly huge house in Alpharetta about half an hour away. We hung out by the pool on Friday night and Saturday we went into Atlanta for some tailgating. The boys went in early to go to Gameday and we were supposed to meet them at lunchtime. We drove to the nearest MARTA station and took the train in from there. It was simple enough I thought.

Tailgating was fun except that it was extremely hot and everyone was so spread out around the Georgia Dome that I spent a lot of time walking. We got free Chick-fil-a for lunch but I'm now convinced that anything Clemson and Chick-fil-a have to do with each other are cursed (ie. Chick-fil-a Bowl Game and Chick-fil-a College Kick-off). It's a shame because I love it so much! I even had it for lunch.

I am off to study about 100 medical roots and terminology words for my quiz tomorrow! Wish me luck!