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Thursday, July 17, 2008

101 Things I Love

I've decided to summarize myself in 101 things that reveal my personality somewhat. I promise to be quick :)

1.) My family
2.) My friends
3.) My baby pillow(can’t sleep w/o it)
4.) The beach (how generic)
5.) Monograms
6.) Text messaging
7.) Bobby pins
8.) PDAs (don’t have one, want one)
9.) Photography (my camera is currently broken)
10.) My piano
11.) Palmetto trees
12.) Grey’s Anatomy (I started watching that show the first season only because the girl’s name was Meredith)
13.) Mascara
14.) My Costas
15.) LemonBerry slushies from Sonic
16.) Kickboxing
17.) Running
18.) Online banking
19.) Peach colored roses
20.) Cooking desserts
21.) Watching baseball
22.) Boston Red Sox
23.) Football season
24.) Clemson!!
25.) Moos from Moe’s
26.) Dave Matthews Band
27.) Tervis Tumblers (you should get one or two or three)
28.) Post – It notes (pink ones)
29.) Cool showers in the afternoon on a summer day
30.) Really old pictures
31.) Watermelon
32.) Zalads from Zaxby’s
33.) Mandarin oranges
34.) My brown Rainbows
35.) Ceiling fans set to medium
36.) Neapolitan Dynamite – Ben & Jerry’s
37.) Cape Cod Chicken Salad on a croissant
38.) Yorkies (I WILL have one one day)
40.) Gone with the Wind – book and movie
41.) Panera
42.) When I have Tigerstripe money
43.) Crème Brulee Cheesecake (definitely suggest trying this)
44.) My iHome
45.) The fact that I don’t have to wax my eyebrows
46.) Coors Light
47.) Scientific or medical terminology
48.) The way the bathroom smells after my daddy shaves
49.) Facebook chat
50.) Bibles with a concordance
51.) My earrings
52.) Drag-n-drop
53.) Knowing the words (or at least most of them) to a rap
54.) Trying to randomly (and fluently) speak in Spanish
55.) To-Go cups
56.) When the radio plays exactly the song I want it to play
57.) The fact that there are songs on my iPod I’ve never heard
58.) Chocolate Lovin’ Spooncake from McAllister’s
59.) Broadway (even though I’ve only ever seen one show, I loved it!)
60.) The feeling of Friday at lunchtime
61.) Sitting in the middle of the couch between the cushions (that’s my spot)
62.) Charleston Chews(vanilla)
63.) Discovering a new band
64.) Walks on the beach
65.) Apples to Apples
66.) Croakies
67.) The fact that I know all 50 state capitals (I’m working on national capitals now and African countries)
68.) Things that smell like vanilla
69.) Kitchen stores
70.) The pineapple water fountain at the waterfront park (see picture in previous blog)
71.) T-shirts (I have well over 50)
72.) Pandora radio
73.) Getting all the green lights from Azalea Square to my house
74.) Black nail polish (no, I’m not emo)
75.) The smell of the ocean as you get closer to the beach
76.) Parentheses (if you can’t tell)
77.) When you have a wonderful waiter or waitress
78.) The smell of an indoor pool
79.) Proper grammar
80.) My mom’s polish pottery
81.) Iced sweet tea
82.) Sweet emails
83.) That it only snows one time a year at school and never at home (I’ve come to learn I’m not really a huge fan of snow, it’s just exciting because it rarely happens)
84.) Magnolias
85.) When the leaves fall in autumn.
86.) Breaking a $20
87.) Studying on the first floor of the library(which is 3 floors underground) in the back = no cell service
88.) Organization
89.) Peanut Butter
90.) Tailgating
91.) The fact that I carry my life in my purse
92.) The smell of gasoline
93.) Wedding shows
94.) InStyle magazine
95.) My plant. His name is Neville.
96.) Art galleries
97.) Nightgowns
98.) Hand sanitizer.
99.) Harry Potter
100.) Shagging
101.) Zicam

These are in no particular order, just the order I thought of them. I hope you didn't get bored by #23 and stop. I tried not to say generic things like "shopping, music, shoes" blah blah.

Maybe soon I'll do a list of things I don't like. Not tomorrow though, too soon. Tomorrow is Neville's story so come back and read it. It's going to be good. Have a wonderful Thursday!!

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Megan said...

This is a fun post. I may do it sometime :)