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Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Dancin', Shaggin' on the Boulevard"

You may have heard this song by Alabama and wondered about it. If you are not from the South you could be thoroughly puzzled as to what shagging is! I remember meeting two guys at the beach one time that were from Texas and they were videotaping their trip. They wanted us to talk about SC so me and my friends named of some things. When someone said shaggin' their faces were surprised. They had only heard of shaggin' in Austin Powers movies. I assure you it is not the British version.

The Carolina Shag is a dance that came out of Myrtle Beach in the early 1900's after WWI and is now our official state dance here in SC. I would describe it as a slower version of swing dancing. Usually shag is danced to beach music like "I Love Beach Music" and "Carolina Girls", however, bluegrass can be used also. Shag was such a hit that it has grown to huge popularity in the South. Now older people and teenagers enjoy the same dance. It is a rare thing in today's world to experience such a commonality.

When Northern students come to Clemson and sign up for classes, they are bewildered when they see that several levels of shag classes are offered in Leisure Skills classes. I took a class last year in the fall and I'm taking another this fall.

Here are some pictures of Max and I shaggin' a couple weeks ago. He's learning and is already better than a lot of guys my age.

Please ignore our clothes. Haha.



Three! Closed position.

He was having so much fun! :)

Here are some Youtube videos that will show you a sample of what it looks like in motion.

In this video, they are just doing basic steps and moves. Most people know how to do this.

These guys can dance really well and a really advance. I definitely can't do this! Maybe someday but these guys dance professionally and compete.

Here are some kids shagging. They are really good also!!

Ok this is the last video. You might want to turn off your sound because it's very crackly. But this is a good example how everyone shags a little differently and with their own style. I'm not really sure what the boy in the middle is doing but watch everyone else around them.


Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

HOW FUN! I love it! I had no idea what shagging was either, but now that I know...I like! Thanks for the fun post!

Pleasant Drive said...

How fun! I know the song, but I had no idea what it was. What a fun little dance.

Meg said...

I didn't know that was what shaggin' was! That looks awesome.

Linds8 said...

I have to admit I was a little worried as to what exactly this post was going to be about! The coral flower is called a maui red starflower. I liked it because it looked like a mini hydrangea with dark gardenia leaves. It was a random purchase!

Pleasant Drive said...

Thanks for your comment about my house. I love the idea of adding red pillows. Actually, I bought some, but they just didn't work. The fabric was all wrong. So, I'm still on the hunt. of course, i welcome the idea :)

Nora Lee said...

Looks like fun! I would love to shag, but I am just not coordinated. I am going to have to study the videos!

noble pig said...

Yeah, I would have been with the Austin Powers boys...I had no idea!

Mommy said...

I thought you were going to have your dad shaggin' respectably by the end of summer! You better get on it, missy, he is a hopeless case.