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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Funny Words

So as you know I had a test/quiz this morning. It was on medical terminology. It was only over two chapters but there was so much information that I made over 150 flashcards. I probably studied yesterday for 5 hours for this big test that my teacher made such a big deal about all last week. I got up early this morning, which I don't like to do on Wednesday because my class is at 10:10 and I get to sleep in a little bit, and I studied some more. I went to school early and studied some more. Got to class, take the "test". It was 15 questions... 10 matching and 5 definitions. I was soooo mad. I spent so much time working my terminology so I could ace it. One of the definitions on the quiz wasn't even in the book... we looked trust me! Oh well... next time I'll know... don't kill yourself over terminology!

But here are some words that I had to learn that you might find amusing... I did:

angiectomy - excision of part of a blood or lymph vessel

glossodynia - pain in the tongue

keratorrhexis - rupture of the cornea

laparorrhapy - suture of the abdominal wall

myringoplasty - surgical reconstruction of the eardrum

salpingocyesis - development of an embryo in the uterine tube

xanthochromia - yellowish discoloration, as of the skin or spinal fluid

and my favorite, anisocytosis - presence in the blood of erythrocytes showing excessive variations in size

If anyone ever remembers every single one of the terms in this book, I want to meet them. I think it's impossible really.


mommy said...

Hey girlie cue, we have a new front door, Sydney got a bath and is living inside waiting for hurricanes, I am preparing a "case" for traffic court...miss you

Sandy Toes said...

Wow....hope you do well on that test. I did five years of school and I feel like every ounce of information is gone! Maybe if someone has photographic memory...I cannot even pronounce those words!

-Sandy Toes

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you studied so long for 15 questions!! I would have been mad too! At least you're super smart now! :)

noble pig said...

Oh crap, my husband speaks that lanuage and I never know what he's talking about.

Weeksie50 said...

Good Luck!

Have a good weekend.


Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

AH! Those words scare me.

Dad said...

Even though the test was short, I'm sure that all your hard work will eventually pay off. I'm proud of your accomplishments, miss you, and love you.

ALF said...

those words would be impossible to memorize? does spelling count?

Mommy said...

Do you realize it is almost October? For crying out loud, woman, update this blog!